Buy a Control The Bleed Kit

Thank you for wanting to purchase a Control The Bleed Kit, your decision may save a life one day. Tragically so many lives are lost each year due to traumatic bleeding, some of which could have been prevented by properly using one of the recommended Daniel Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kits.

If we can get as many publicly accessible venues to have these kits as possible, the public will know there is one nearby so they can help someone in need. Those vital few minutes are paramount. Heroes often come in the form of zero responders i.e. someone on the scene. You or a member of the public with access to your kit can be that person who saves a life and prevents a preventable tragedy.

How to Use The Daniel Baird Control The Bleed Kit

The Daniel Baird Foundation has had an amazing response from first aid training organizations, medical equipment companies, local council support and community leaders throughout the UK all understanding just how important this issue is and wanting to help make a difference. We thank you for taking the time to get involved and we consider you our heroes for answering our call.

Our primary mission is to get as many bleed control kits into as many publicly accessible places as possible. If you are purchasing a large number of Prometheus kits, customisation of the kit bag may be available. Please contact us for more information. Customised kit bag examples include kits with the Birmingham Community Safety Partnership and the Lions Club logos.

After buying a kit please remember to Register it! Your kit could save a life. Registration can be done here: REGISTER A KIT.

West Midlands Ambulance endorses The Daniel Bard Foundation Control The Bleed Kit These Kits are endorsed by The West Midland Ambulance Service.

The Control The Bleed kit locations are also stored in a national database and accessed by 999 phone operators.

The caller will be told which kit is nearest their location for fastest collection to provide vital aid by preventing blood loss.

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