Control The Bleed:
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The Daniel Baird Foundation promoting Bleed Control Kits to save lives

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Thank you for purchasing a Control The Bleed Kit, your decision may save a life one day. Tragically so many lives are lost each year due to traumatic bleeding, some of which could have been prevented by properly using a Daniel Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kit. If we can get as many publicly accessible venues to have these kits as possible, the public will know there is one nearby so they can help someone in need.

The kits are purchased through Prometheus Medical Ltd. who have partnered with us in our development of the kit and ensures it conforms to the Critical Injury Pack requirements of British Standard BS8599:1:2019

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Buy a Haemorrhage Control Kit to control bleeding stop the bleed with a Daniel Baird Foundation Control The Bleed KitStop Blood Loss with Control The Bleed Kit and Save a Life