CAD Registration

Several ambulance services now register bleed control kits on their CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) system.

The growing list includes:


Prometheus Medical is proud to have partnered with Lynne Baird to create the "Control The Bleed Kit".

Our company also offers medical training to ensure individuals and companies are fully prepared with appropriate, sector-specific medical knowledge. We will work with your business, charity, or organisation to ascertain your needs, and utilise both standardised accredited training and bespoke training which we deliver at our faculty in Herefordshire, or for larger companies, we can train your staff at your premises in the UK or abroad.

Our highly skilled trainers are experienced practicing doctors, paramedics, and nurses – all clinically current, working day-to-day in emergency and pre-hospital care.

We operate across all learning channels, combining experiential, face-to-face, immersive, and digital delivery models to achieve maximum impact and retention. Every course covers critical interventions that make a difference in patient outcomes.

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Prometheus Medical Bleed Kit Training


The manufacturers of the Control The Bleed Kit have created a series of training videos to ensure correct usage. They can be viewed and also downloaded for offline viewing.


We have printable leaflets and a slideshow for personal use or for trainers to download and use in training classes. Other resources can also be found in the tool kit folder. Click on the resources button to go to the folder for viewing and downloading leaflet resources. Click the Image below to view the Training Course.

Daniel Baird Foundation Control The Bleed Training Slideshow