Control The Bleed:
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The Daniel Baird Foundation promoting Bleed Control Kits to save lives
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Thank you to all pour sponsors for supporting the Dnaiel Baird FoundationSince we started our campaign, we have had many individuals and organizations contact us, kindly willing to help and offer support. Some people have held sponsored fundraising events, some have been instrumental in developing our bleed kits and developing training courses on how to use them, some have helped with promoting our campaign in the media, some organizations have generously donated their bleed kits so that we can send them to communities that may not have them otherwise, some have been encouraging government to have Control The Bleed Kits installed in publicly accessible places. It may be that they have given moral support to us as we build our campaign. All these people and more have been vital in supporting our endeavour and we sincerely thank them for helping make a difference.

We recently started this webpage and although it is simply not possible to name everyone that has been a support to our foundation, we would like to give recognition to those that we can.

Fundraising Events

Several events have been held to raise funds and a sponsored Sky Dive is being held on 31st May. There are also plans for a memorial event in July. Many thanks to Debbie of Hay Mills Social Club for the use of the function room, free of charge, on several occasions.

Birmingham Liberal Democrats

Birmingham Liberal Democrats support our campaign to place Bleed Control kits in publicly acessible places. Morriam Jan and Councillor Baber visited the House of Lords and presented a motion to have Control The Bleed kits available across the city, schools, colleges and in particular places in the nightime economy e.g. pubs

Birmingham Liberal Democrats support or campaign to place Bleed Control kits in publicly acessible places

Birmingham Safer Neighbourhood Team, West Midlands Ambulance Service and Prometheus Medical Ltd.

Nicci Collins, the Safer Neighbourhoods Partnership Manager of Birmingham City Council has been very active in partnering with us to achieve several goals. One of which is to update and reprint a 'Good Practice for Licenced Premises' booklet. It will be recommended good practice for licenced premises to have bleed control kits on their premises.

Nicci has also been very active in the combined efforts to develop the First Aid Public Access Haemorrhage Control Kit with Prometheus Medical under the assistance of West Midlands Ambulance Service.

A pilot scheme is being launched on the 4th of June in the Birmingham City Center. We sincerely thank them for everything they are doing. More Information on their kit can be found by clicking HERE.
Blood Loss Control Kit developed with the help of Birmingham Safer Neightbourhoods Team, West Midlands Ambulance Service and Prometheus Medical Limited.

Lions Club of Bletchley

The Lions Club of Bletchley supports a range of good causes and projects in our local area and are always looking for new members to get involved. They organise remarkable and memorable fundraising activities, with all profits raised going direct to good causes and have been doing this locally for the past 50 years and Lions Club International has been doing it since 1917.

Zita Pascoe, a member of the Lions Club of Bletchley, heard about our campaign and they very kindly wanted to help and actively did so by recently promoting our Control the Bleed Kits at their stand at one of their events. They also have our Bleed Control Kit promoted on their website. They had very positive feedback and we are grateful to be partnering with them to get the word out on the importance of having publicly accessible bleed kits. The Lions Logo is on the Kits and Bletchley, Milton Keynes are very pleased to announce that this is now a District 105 Project

Lions Club of Bletchley supporting the Daniel Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kits

Unite the Union

Thank you Unite the Union especially, Assistant General Secretary, Howard Beckett, for your generous support. This was instrumental in our being able to continue during a very difficult time.
Unite The Union have been a great help supporting the Daniel Baird Foundation

Purple Pharma, Blue Kit Medical and Bunzl Healthcare

Many thanks go to Majid Khan of Purple Pharma, Rebecca Porter of Blue Kit Medical and Bunzl Health Care. Their combined efforts along with input from Salvas Ltd. have brought together an affordable Bleed Control Kit, packed with the essentials for a blood loss emergency.

Sourcing quality medical items and creating the supply chain for them required great coordination between the companies and we are grateful for their enthusiasm and support to make their bleed control kit happen.
Creators of the Community Control The Bleed Kit

Salvas Limited and Apex Consultancy and Training Services Limited

Salvas Limited, the creators of the Run-Hide-Survive Training courses and Apex Consultancy and Training Services Limited heard about our foundation and have brought together their expertize and developed a specific ytaining course called Control The Bleed Zero Responders Course aimed at training people acting as 'Zero Responders' (people on the immediate scene) on how to control bleeding with this kit.

They are independent to The Daniel Baird Foundation and hence inquiries about training courses should be made direct. We thank them for providing insight into the medical supplies that should be stocked within the kit and incorporating the Control The Bleed kit into their training course. Please visit their website
Control The Bleed Training Courses Run Hide Protect

Davenport Brewery

Davenport Brewery have very kindly provided support by purchasing some kits for their pubs as they can see that they need to help protect their patrons and they also provide us a regular meeting place at no cost. We are very grateful for all that they do.

Davenport Brewery Supporting The Daniel Baird Foundation and the Control The Bleed Campaign

West Midlands Police BAPA The Black and Asian Police Association

Thank you to BAPA for my Unsung Hero Award last year.
Lynne Baird Unsung Hero Award 2018