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Our Campaign

We have been campaigning to have bleed kits in all pubs, restaurants, nightclubs and anywhere where knife crime in particular can happen. However, it is obviously not just knife crime that can lead to massive bleeds and so having them in all publicly accessible places such as shops, petrol stations, offices will save lives.

Our campaign has gained momentum with several MPs now encouraging the government to take action, many of which have been personally affected by knife crime in their families. We need to maintain and build this momentum to ensure that we are successful and have the Bleed Control Kits in as many publicly accessible places as possible.

The motion for publicly accessible Bleed Control Kits held at Birmingham Council House
Birmingham Liberal Democrats take action for Publicly Accessible Bleed Kits at Birmingham Council House

The Dan Baird Foundation Meeting with the Birmingham Liberal Democrats

A very successful meeting with the Liberal Democrats who whole heartely support our cause and who have personally had tragedy in their own families due to knife crime. They have been a tremendous force encouraging the government to take action on our behalf.

"This Council notes with concern the increase in violent injuries arising from assaults in the city - including a reported increase of nearly 20% in cases of knife crime in the West Midlands.

Council also notes that low-cost bleed control first aid kits can help save lives, especially when used by trained bystanders.

Council supports efforts to improve access to first aid, and knowledge of first aid, and commends the work of the Daniel Baird Foundation in seeking to raise awareness of life-saving bleed control techniques.

It also commends and supports the pilot project in Lozells to be undertaken by the Foundation with local traders.

Council requests that the Licensing and Public Protection Committee investigate the feasibility of making provision of first aid for bleed control, and provision of staff training, a condition of licences for licensed premises.

It further requests that the Cabinet Member for Education, Schools and Culture encourages schools and colleges to ensure they have appropriate first aid facilities, and staff able to apply first aid, in the event of major injury, together with encouraging the teaching of this aspect of first aid in PSHE (personal, social, health education) classes.

This should be done as part of broader awareness and prevention work with schools and colleges about the dangers of carrying knives and becoming involved with violent culture.

Council expects the Chair of Licensing and Public Protection and the Cabinet Member for Education, Schools and Culture to report back to Council on their response to this and on the actions that will be undertaken."

Social Media Post by Morriam Jan and Councillor Baber visiting House of Lords

Myself and Cllr Baber visited House of Lords and met with Lord Fox, Lord Brian Pinnock, Dane Lorely Burt as well as Lord Dholakia who has asked if we can sit on the Police crime commissioner board for APPG on knife crime and to attend Parliament on a monthly basis, I accepted.

We presented our motion which we will be doing next week at full council about bleed kits which should be available across the city, schools, colleges etc. But also for bystanders to have the confidence how to help some one who has been stabbed or shot. We are supporting The Daniel Baird Foundation: Control The Bleed: Save A Life.

As he was brutally murdered in 2017 and his mother Lynne Baird is raising awarness. The trial started Monday 7th January, training to help save lifes is a must and if any one would like to help and get involved please let me know.

Lions Club Promote Bleed Control Kits
The Lions Club of Bletchley Support the Daniel Baird Foundation through promotion of bleed control kits

Lions Clubs International is the world's largest community service and humanitarian organisation. The Lions Club of Bletchley, Milton Keynes heard about our campaign and very kindly wanted to help us and actively did so by recently promoting the Control the Bleed Kits on their stand at the Multi District Convention in Swansea and had a lot of interest from the public and business owners alike, recognising the need for this much needed resource. They received very positive feedback, contacts and new network opportunities and are also promoting the Control The Bleed kits on their website.

Zita Pascoe, who did a great job of organizing and running the stand said afterwards, "The seed has been sown and seedlings are starting to grow, with people talking about Bleed Control Kits and wanting to know how to go about it."

Lions Club of Bletchely support the Daniel Baird Foundation Bleed Control Kit Hopefully with great organizations like this that wish to help communities, we will be able to highlight the need for publicly accessible bleed control kits both locally, nationally and internationally.

The Lions Logo will be on the kits that pass through the Lions Club Organisation and we sincerely thank them for supporting The Daniel Baird Foundation and for all they do.

The kits conform to the Critical Injury Pack requirements of British Standard BS8599:1:2019 For every pack sold Prometheus Medical Ltd will donate £5 to The Daniel Baird Foundation.

The Lions Logo is on the Kits and Bletchley, Milton Keynes are very pleased to announce that this is now a District 105 Project.

The Lions motto is: "We Serve" Lions Club of Bletchley contact

Birmingham Community Safety Partnership Launches Bleed Control Kit Pilot, June 4th 2019

Birmingham Launched the Control the Bleed pilot scheme, supporting The Dan Baird FoundationIn November 2018, the City Centre Local Community Safety Partnership, chaired by Police Supt. Ian Green, agreed to purchase bleed control kits. This was in response to Lynne Baird of the Daniel Baird Foundation appearing on Radio 4 that same month. Daniel Baird was just 26 years old when he was fatally stabbed in the early hours of 8th July 2017, outside The Forge Tavern in Birmingham following a night out with friends.

The average time for a priority ambulance to reach a patient is currently 7 minutes. Catastrophic bleeding from a trauma injury such as a stabbing, shooting or road traffic collision can prove fatal in 3-5 minutes. The bleed control kits can provide a few vital minutes until the ambulance arrives.

We have worked closely with West Midlands Ambulance Service (WMAS) to develop a kit that supports the work of WMAS and Trauma Centres. This kit will provide the tools for an appropriate first response should a member of the public be willing to provide this, pending the arrival of an ambulance.? WMAS Control Room are keeping a log of venues where the kits are located. WMAS Regional Trauma Desk are familiar with the kit and so any local use will be supported when dialling 999. It will also benefit the trauma teams upon arrival at the hospital, ensuring the kit is compatible with their surgical procedures.

We have a limited number of kits for our pilot, so we are initially concentrating on the Night Time Economy locations in the city centre ? e.g. pubs and clubs. We have support from the appropriate BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) and have offers from venues who are willing to locate the kits on their premises. We are also exploring the possibility of installing bleed control kits on police vehicles used within the city centre and private hire cabs, again a first for the city. Initially we have purchased 60 kits but are hopeful that most venues will buy these and possibly donate extra kits to be used in the community. We have had several offers already and so should be able to install more than 60 kits. Each kit costs ?80 plus VAT. Anyone can purchase a kit via ?Free training will be provided to the city centre project by the suppliers.

The City Centre Local Community Safety Partnership are currently reprinting a ?Good Practice for Licenced Premises? booklet. Included is a recommended good practice for all licenced premises to have bleed control kits on their premises.

We see a secondary impact of this project will be the awareness raising around bleed control.? With this new knowledge, even without a kit a person can improvise and still provide an emergency first aid response to someone in need. We also see training and awareness of bleed control as a preventative measure.? By teaching people how to save lives we hope people will think twice before taking one.

Once we have learnt from the initial pilot in the city centre, we will look to support roll out of the kits to the day time economy venues in the city centre as well as across the city. We are excited to explore the possibility of placing Bleed Control Kits next to Defibrillators, some of which are sited on the exterior walls of buildings allowing 24 hour access. This will also allow WMAS Control Room staff to direct members of the public to their location; something that is more difficult when the kits are kept inside venues which are not open 24 hours a day. We are working with the suppliers to design both interior and exterior wall mounted kits.? We are also looking to develop a ?pocket? bleed control kit; a scaled down version that can be carried upon the person.

We are proud to support the Daniel Baird Foundation?s ambition of Birmingham becoming the first ?Control the Bleed? city in the UK.

Birmingham City Council Officer Contact:
Nicci Collins
Safer Neighbourhoods Partnership Manager
Partnership, Insight & Prevention Directorate (PIP)
BirminghamCity Council

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