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Daniel Baird Aged 26 The Daniel Baird Foundation Charity has been set up after our brother and son Daniel Baird of just 26 years of age was fatally stabbed in the early hours of 8th July 2017, outside The Forge Tavern, Digbeth in Birmingham following a night out with friends. There was no first aid or bleeding control kit available. Dan died shortly after arriving at hospital due to catastrophic bleeding.

Dan was out with his friends having a good time. His life should not have ended in this tragic way. Had there been a public accessible bleeding control pack available Dan may still be with us.

However there are many other ways for a catastrophic bleed to occur, such as from a car accident or a work related in jury. We believe that having publicly accessible bleeding control packs in all major shopping centers, pubs/clubs, public transport stations, all public is vital to provide the necessary first aid to reduce blood loss until professional medical help arrives. For the cost of a kit, a life could be saved and their family spared lifelong grief knowing that they could perhaps have survived.

Bleed Control Kit can save LivesOur charity aims to raise awareness of the importance of having publicly accessible bleeding control packs available. We are working closely with local government organisations, community groups and business organisations to get these vital bleed control kits into as many venues as possible. We will also campaign for First Aid Training to incorporate catastrophic bleeding control as a mandatory element of the training. Additionally, we will continue to campaign to have Advanced First Aid in the curriculum of all educational establishments.

The Guardian: Call for kits 'in every village, town and city' comes after they were used to treat two stab victims in Birmingham at weekend
Breaking News on the Control The Bleed Campaign by The Daniel Baird Foundation
Bleed Control Kit Cabinet for Public Use

Bleed control kits were needed twice in Birmingham at the weekend after two men were stabbed in a nightclub, amid growing calls for the equipment to be rolled out nationwide.

Two men aged 30 and 23 were stabbed at a private party at Bambu nightclub in the city centre in the early hours of Saturday morning, and after receiving treatment at the scene thanks to equipment from a nearby bleed control kit they were taken to hospital before being discharged.

The kits were used by a police officer who attended the incident and were installed two months ago by the Daniel Baird Foundation, which has distributed hundreds of the kits across the country in a bid to stop more lives being lost to knife crime as well as delivering training courses.

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A Combination Defibrillator and Bleed Kit Public Access Cabinet is Now Available!

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The objects of the CIO are the preservation and protection of health and the saving of lives by:

  • Advancing the education of the public in the subject of bleed control kits and basic life support
  • Equipping establishments where violent crime may be more prevalent with Bleed Control Kits which in the event of such an incident, may buy valuable time for the attending ambulance crew.

We thank all our supporters for helping our foundation and promoting our Control The Bleed - Save A Life Campaign.

Check out our SUPPORT page and please consider supporting our foundation in any way you can.

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